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Using the computer for a long time is prone to health damage.

Modern people use computers for a long time, whether they are office workers, SoHo people, students, e-sports people who fight in online games, or people who like to stick to the computer and watch dramas. Are you the same as them? You say there is no way! Everyone needs to use a computer. People use it for work, study, and entertainment. But have you ever thought that sitting in front of a computer for such a long time will do any harm to your health?

That’s right. It can easily cause adverse effects on the eyes, muscles, bones, and cardiovascular system. You may say “What should we do?”  “Fortunately I’m not addicted to using the computer, and I will also remind myself that I need to leave the computer every once in a while.” But is this enough? In fact, if you have to continue this situation, there are other ways to help you reduce the harm to your health. For example, buying some auxiliary items is a good way.

ErGear Dual Arm Monitor Desk Mount Stand is super elastic to adjust with you. It is a good helper to assist health.

I’m so smart I know I should buy this ErGear Dual Arm Monitor Desk Mount Stand. It’s a good product that can help people maintain their health.

You may be wondering why? And is not the computer screen already placed on the table? Why do you need to buy an extra stand?

Don’t think that the ErGear Dual Arm Monitor Desk Mount Stand is just to hold up your screen. Only with this desk stand can let you grasp the principle of “correct height”, which can prevent you from violating ergonomics and using the computer with bad head and neck posture. Because we usually tilt our shoulders and head forward unconsciously when using a computer, these are postures that put pressure on the body and cause back pain for a long time.

With this height-adjustable dual-screen arm desktop stand, the screen can be raised so that the top of the screen can be flush with your line of sight. After adjusting to the correct ergonomic height, your neck does not need to be downward. So that you no longer feel sore shoulders and necks or feel back pains. Of course, you can also avoid injuries to your eyes, cervical spine, spinal cord, and other parts.

Maybe you might think that since adjusting the correct height has such a big impact on your health, why not change a suitable table and chair? Yes, but if you are not ready to spend so much money, or if you are not ready to find the right table and chair style to match the space, you can start with the simplest way to adjust the height of the screen. So buying this ErGear Dual Arm Monitor Desk Mount Stand is a very smart choice.

And the great thing about this ErGear Dual Arm Monitor Desk Mount Stand is that it can not only adjust the vertical height. You can also turn the screen horizontally or vertically, offset to the left, tilt right, forward, or rotate 360 degrees backward. The stand allows you to adjust it to any angle you want. These adjustments can make you feel more comfortable.

 This ErGear Dual Arm Monitor Desk Mount Stand can support two screens at a time. So if you are watching the screen with others, you can turn one of the screens to the other side to present an easier viewing angle. Or you can also make good use of two screens for multi-tasking. It is very convenient for you to compare charts or reference data.

If you set up this ErGear Dual Arm Monitor Desk Mount Stand in the middle of a long table, you can turn the arms of the stand into opposite directions. So that the computer users sitting on both sides of the table can watch screens on the two opposite sides at the same time.

This ErGear Dual Arm Monitor Desk Mount Stand can be adjusted and used all the way you want. It makes your computer screen seems to be floating in the air so that the computer you use can get the best multiplier effect. Is this product cool?

This ErGear Dual Arm Monitor Desk Mount Stand is just like your lover, always gives you strong and gentle support.

After reading my sharing, do you already want to place an order right away to buy an ErGear Dual Arm Monitor Desk Mount Stand to transform your space?

Maybe you are still a little worried about whether this product is suitable for you? Don’t worry! ErGear Dual Arm Monitor Desk Mount Stand is suitable for most LCD LED flat curved screens and computer monitors. As long as your screen is within 27 inches in size and weighs within 15 pounds, it can be used.

As for the installation, it’s not difficult at all. Most people can install it by themselves in 15 minutes to 30 hours. You can choose to use its c-clamp or grommet to install it, and it comes with a VESA quick-release panel that makes it easy to attach to the screen. After you assemble and adjust the stand, you will feel extremely comfortable and no longer feel tired or sore when you stick to the front of the computer.

This ErGear Dual Arm Monitor Desk Mount Stand is made of sturdy steel. It will support and protect your computer screen silently. As your lover, he always uses a pair of strong arms to protect you gently. More importantly, no matter how you want to adjust the screen, the stand all suits you. Isn’t it perfect?

The Verdict

After I bought the ErGear Dual Arm Monitor Desk Mount Stand, my home, and my office became a wonderful environment. Every time I use my computer, I was in a good mood. My colleagues were so envious that they ordered the stand too. What about you? Believe me, you will love ErGear if you buy it.

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