BROOKSTONE Hyper Dry Absorbent Stone Bath Mat

Stone Bath Mat Review

Are you looking for a new bath mat? Are you tired of picking up cheap ones that seem to soak through and fall apart easily after a month or two? Then look no further than the Brookstone Hyper Dry Stone Bath Mat. It might seem like a small thing to be concerned about, but we can say with confidence that this bath mat does exactly what it says it can in all the advertisements. So read on to find out more.


The first thing anybody looks for when purchasing a new bath mat is the color. You need something that matches the style you already have in your bathroom. Most bath mats cater to this by being available in a range of colors for customers to purchase the one that suits them. Now this Stone Bath Mat by Brookstone doesn’t offer you a color range, and to some this might be problematic. 

However (and it is a big however), you don’t need a large color range when the finished product already looks this good. Available in a simple light gray and charcoal combination, the neutral colors blend seamlessly with any bathroom style. Whether your bathroom is calm with pastel colors, bright with bold ones, or somewhere in between, this bath mat will look right at home!

Ultra Absorbant

The next thing you want to know about a bath mat before purchasing, is does it do its job? And yes, this one does, and then some. Brookstone have created this bath mat using a diatomaceous earth material. If you don’t know what that is (don’t worry we didn’t either at first) it’s essentially just a material with natural absorbent properties.

It’s actually so absorbent that it drys completely after just 15 seconds. Yes, 15. It’s also anti-slip thanks to its absorbent properties, which means you have peace of mind when using it at home. The mat can also absorb three times its volume in water, making it incredibly efficient at its job. In fact, the stone bath mat outperforms regular cotton or fabric bath mats every time, because it’s naturally far more absorbent as a material, making the finished product much better as a result too.

Natural Materials

As we’ve already mentioned, diatomaceous earth is a natural material, and whilst that might be important to some of you, not everybody will pay the extra money for a natural bath mat, and that’s understandable. However, when you realize that the natural material means no added chemicals as you’d see with most other bath mats, antibacterial properties that keep the bath mat fresher for longer, and a bath mat that is naturally air purifying, then maybe you’ll appreciate the benefits of a natural bath mat a little more.

If you want to get into the nitty gritty of what diatomaceous earth actually is, then we can tell you that the stone bath mat is made from fossilized phytoplankton, which actually results in a bath mat that is hard and smooth – very different from your fabric and cotton ones at home. This hard, smooth surface actually makes for a surprisingly comfortable bath mat though, and it’s good to know that everything under your feet is 100% natural too.

Easy Care

The last thing you’ll probably want to know about the Stone Bath Mat from Brookstone, is whether it’s easy to care for. Surely something like this has to be complicated. There has to be a snag somewhere, right? Well, no. To clean the bath mat, you simply need to wipe it clean with a sponge and running water, and then leave to dry naturally as you would after stepping out of the shower. 

Brookstone also says that for more difficult stains, you can sand down the hard surface to remove it. If that doesn’t work, then they have an excellent customer service team that are incredibly knowledgeable about caring for the product, and they actively encourage you to call them to discuss the next best solution to your problem. It’s good to see a company taking customer satisfaction so seriously.

The Verdict

Overall, the only ‘issues’ with Brookstone’s Stone Bath Mat are the lack of color options and the somewhat steeper price tag compared to fabric or cotton counterparts. But when you consider all the positives – they far outweigh the negatives. Besides, if you’re only going to create a bath mat with one color option, then neutral is the best choice, and whilst the bath mat is more expensive than most, it’ll also last you far longer than the others too, so the price long term is certainly worth it.

It boils down to whether or not we would recommend it, and we absolutely would. It’s ultra-absorbent, made of natural materials, stylish, and easy to care for. If you’re in the market for a new bath mat – then Brookstone’s Stone Bath Mat is the one for you!

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