Is The Brookstone BluGlide Folding E-Scooter Great?

The Brookstone BluGlide 6.5 Folding Electric Scooter has promise. We’ve been using this product for a while and think that it got what it takes is a trusty green commuter vehicle.

We’ve seen numerous models of folding electric scooters. Some good while some are bad. As for the BluGlide 6.5 Folding E-Scooter, we’re a bit skeptical about how it qualifies.

But why are we skeptical? Brookstone is a new player in the e-scooter market. For the past years, it has been selling a miscellany of items for home and living, pet care, personal care, etc.

We made this article to make a conclusive decision whether or not you should get the electric scooter that comes from it. Read to learn about BluGlide 6.5 Folding E-Scooter’s good and bad sides.

Let Us First Take A Glance In This Product's Look...

Brookstone BluGlide 6.5 Folding Electric Scooter’s design is pretty straightforward – no embossments and curves on the deck, stem, and handlebar. That’s why we perfectly understand if you think that it looks dull.

However, we’re glad to say that you’re absolutely mistaken. Although details are lacking, this e-scooter is dazzling since the manufacturer provided it a good coating.

The stem and handlebar feature shades of blue and black, which look very exuberant in our opinion. As for the deck, it features white triangular patterns and black sleek lines.

Out of all the colors mentioned, the black coating is the most dominant. This is somehow advantageous because it provides a clean look. Black easily masks scratches and specks of dust.

How About Its Construction?

BluGlide 6.5 Folding E-Scooter is made out of aluminum. This is something that we don’t completely agree with, Even so, aluminum construction that’s weak against abrasion, depression, and warping isn’t absolutely bad. Aluminum construction makes this product light, which contributes to reduced stress on the motor and better load capacity.

Allow us to talk a bit about the design of this product’s specific components.
The handlebar stem of this product is fatter than the handlebar of other e-scooters in the same price range. Its sturdy design is advantageous because it helps the wheels in withstanding shocks from rocks, mini potholes, cracks, and other obstacles on the road.
Stable footing isn’t a problem while riding because the deck is widely designed. It’s about 16 inches wide and allows you to position your fit comfortably even though not ergonomic.
As for the handlebars, there’s nothing special about them except the fact that they’re extremely soft on the hand. With that said, you don’t need gloves to grip them well.

Are The Safety Features Great? - Absolutely

The BluGide 6.5 Folding E-Scooter has a complete set of features that make riding safe – built-in tail light and headlight, dual electronic brake disc system, front suspension, and flat-free PU wheels. 

You’re perfectly fine riding this e-scooter during nighttime. The headlight luminescence reaches up to 3 meters, allowing you to see incoming obstacles early on. Moreover, the tail light flashes so that drivers coming from the rear can easily spot you despite rainy or foggy road conditions.

The dual electronic disc brake system is very trusty, They hold well even if this e-scooter is traveling for more than 25 miles an hour on a sharp slope.
However, we dread to think about what would happen if the electronic disc brake system weakens. We figure that adjustment is hard to do without a technician.
Wheel maintenance isn’t a concern for this e-scooter. The PU wheels simply don’t care about sharp rocks, shards of broken glass, nails, and other sharp materials on the road.
In connection, the front suspension preserves the integrity of the front wheel by preventing premature deterioration aside from providing a smooth and stable cruise.

How Fast Does This E-Scooter Go?

Brookstone BluGlide 6.5 Folding Electric Scooter’s maximum speed is 14 mph with its 250w motor. . However, you may reach up to 20 when riding this product on slopes.
By the way, the manufacturer didn’t point out if they installed a brushed DC or brushless DC motor on this e-scooter. However, since the motor of this product didn’t heat up for more than 30 degrees celsius while we’re riding for more than one hour, we suspect that a brushless DC motor was installed.


In conclusion, we say that BluGlide 6.5” Folding Electric Scooter qualifies as one of the good e-scooters in the market that deserve attention and praise from consumers.

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